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3D Print Your Best And Worst Ideas To Amaze And Gross Out!

Hey is that a 3D printed fetus on your coffee table? What happened to waiting for your baby to be born and getting a simple butt print in some plaster. Or maybe a jar of toenails that you’ve kept since your baby was born 12 years ago. 3d printing has come a long way. Printed items used to resemble plastic children’s toys from import dollar stores. Today 3d Printers can do it all from printing your favorite sexual organ to helping those in need. We are far from the sci-fi replicator that we all so desperately want so we can further enhance our first world laziness.

However, we have started using them for a healthy dose of awesome. Take this 3d burrito maker for example. I’m sick and tired of slaving away all of 60 minutes making a disgusting brick of food that resembles a burrito. I want science to try giving me indigestion for a change.

When that burrito destroys your insides you may need a new kidney. Thankfully one day we can print those too! Maybe if we wait long enough they will be able to print livers so that all the drinking we do can be solved by printing out a new liver to fix our debauchery.

Other than parlour tricks 3D printing can legitimately help us. I for one can’t wait till I can replace each of my teeth with custom fitted lego blocks.

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